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IT keeps the wheels of business turning

If your business relies on IT to survive, thrive and succeed, you won’t need reminding how important it is to have the right IT support.  The problem when it comes to putting the right IT support in place is that in-house can be horribly expensive and outsourcing can be hit or miss.  When things stop working or you hit a bump in your IT road you need the right support and you need it fast.

Without the right IT support your business could rapidly take a turn for the worse

Most businesses can survive an IT blip or two from time to time but if, heavens forbid, your entire system were to grind to a halt it would be chaos.  That’s why people are so scared of things like ransomware and cyber-attack.  While entire systems going AWOL is relatively rare, it pays to mitigate the risk by having a support system in place that you can count on and rely upon.

Fix-PC the outsourced IT solution that feels like your own

Fix-PC has been serving the IT needs of SMEs in Motherwell, Hamilton, Wishaw, Bellshill, Cumbernauld, Coatbridge, Airdrie, Blantyre, East Kilbride, Glasgow, Bathgate, Livingston and Edinburgh for well over a decade.  We will help make sure that the wheels of your business don’t stop turning because of an IT problem.  Our friendly, experienced team is made up of experts committed to fixing your IT issues with great service, speed and a smile.

Let’s have a chat to establish how Fix-PC can help smooth your IT journey

Fix-PC – your local one-stop-shop for everything IT

No matter whether you’re a startup that needs IT consultancy to make sure you take the right IT decisions or an SME owner who needs a reliable, fast response team on hand, Fix-PC is the solution.  We provide everything from flexible, fully managed, outsourced IT support packages to backup, disaster recovery and continuity solutions.  We even help people move confidently to the cloud when they previously thought that clouds simply meant a risk of rain.  We also provide network security and website creation.  So we really are your local IT one-stop-shop.

When you have Fix-PC on side, your IT runs smoothly from A to Z.

But don’t take our word for how good we are

Here’s what some of our clients have to say…

Fix-PC has been invaluable to the growth and expansion of my businesses as they offer all solutions from concept to inception and beyond.  They are very focused on customer service, long term IT solutions and value for money whilst retaining very personable and long term relationships with all the business team. I have no hesitation in recommending Fix-PC for any solution, large or small, and endorse their professional integrity.

Gordon Campbell, Partner, Alliance Property Group Ltd

The Fix-PC team is made up of experienced IT Technicians with a wide breadth of knowledge, skill and business experience but they are still prepared to drill down into the detail of any job/problem as required. They are hardworking and have a single minded focus on complete customer satisfaction. Fix-PC has looked after our complete company I.T. Systems for 9 years and we always get a positive response to any issues/problems within hours. We would be at a loss without their skill base and can heartily and honestly recommend David and his team at Fix-PC Ltd to anyone for excellent quality service at a competitive rate.

John Cummings, Director, Civils & Drainage Supplies Ltd

Fix-PC came highly recommended to us by a friend at a time we had a few ongoing challenges with IT equipment in our office. David and his team resolved our issues in a timely and efficient manner, and has continued to do so ever since. They are all very knowledgeable and experienced IT technicians. I will gladly continue to endorse and recommend FIX-PC Ltd to my family and friends.

Jim McKitting, Founder, Lifestyle Plus

Let’s have a chat to establish how Fix-PC can help smooth your IT journey

Why Fix-PC?


With decades of experience in the team, you know that when you deal with Fix-PC you’re in safe hands. There are few situations that we don’t know how to deal with, but if we do come up against something new or unusual, we know where to go to get the right solution.


All Fix-PC engineers are Microsoft Certified Professionals and the company is partner to numerous IT giants. This means you always have access to the right expertise to get the right solution and fast. We can look after all your IT issues – no matter how complex.

Speed, support and a smile

When you come up against an IT issue, you want support, and you want it fast. You want to see a smiling face that reassures you that in what seems like no time at all, everything will be alright. That’s why speed, support and a smile are at the core of everything we do.

Here are just some of the services offered by Fix-PC

Fully Managed/Outsourced IT

If you know that your IT is important to your business success but you want to relieve yourself of the burden of dealing with IT issues in-house, our Outsourced IT option is for you. Offering everything from On-site and Remote IT Support as well as Managed IT Support through to Remote Monitoring and IT Helpdesk/Support Desk options, you choose the solution that suits your business best. But the great news is that when you choose Fix-PC, you can rest assured that as your business needs change and grow, the solutions we provide can change and grow with you.

Back up, Disaster Recovery and Continuity

Back up, Disaster Recovery and Continuity are core to long term business success. Many businesses are in control of one or two of these, but worry about their overall strategy. In order to be able to access historic information efficiently, recover after a disaster such as a server issue and then continue to carry out essential business functions, you need an plan. It needn’t be War and Peace, but you need to know that if you hit a major IT bump in your journey that it won’t throw your business out of control. Working with Fix-PC means you stay confidently in control.

IT Consultancy

Many SME owners reject IT Consultancy as a luxury reserved for the big boys. But in fact, the right use of IT can significantly improve any SME performance, making this a highly attractive proposition. Technology is changing all the time and staying up to date with what might and mightn’t add value to your business is confusing and risky. At Fix-PC it’s our job to be constantly up to date with technological advances. What this means is that we can listen to your business story, find out what your goals and objectives are and swiftly and accurately align the right IT recommendations.

Cloud Computing/Cloud Migration

If you’re a business that’s intrigued by the cloud, but haven’t quite got there yet, our Cloud Computing/Cloud Migration service is for you. With more and more people working on the move from a range of devices, working on the cloud is extremely efficient, effective and easy. But for many businesses, making the move and embracing the habit isn’t quite so easy. At Fix-PC we’ll work with you to identify the right cloud strategy for you and then do as much or as little as you need us to to achieve your Cloud Computing objectives. Let us help make your move to the cloud.

Network Security

Network Security protects both your hardware and your software against a whole host of actual and potential threats. In the worst case scenario, it can stop your business from grinding to a halt. From simple virus/malware solutions through to complex cyber security, hacking threats, firewalls or ransomware attack prevention, at Fix-PC we develop the best solution to suit your business and your needs. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your IT is free to do what it needs to do, but your proprietary information, your reputation and your network are safe.

Website Creation

At Fix-PC we know that every SME, without exception, should be online. But getting online right is complicated and getting it wrong can be horribly expensive. That’s why we provide a pain-free, highly effective end-to-end website development, content writing and social media branding solution. The pack includes a professionally developed WordPress website, complete with buyer-focused content and social media imagery. This pack is ideal for startups or growing businesses that want to get online spot-on as well as any business owner considering a website redesign.

If you need an IT service that’s not listed here or you’re intrigued to find out more about the value Fix-PC can add to your business, just hit the blue button below to get in touch.

Let’s have a chat to establish how Fix-PC can help smooth your IT journey

Meet David Goonery – Fix-PC’s founder and owner

David is a highly motivated IT specialist with almost two decades of experience in a broad range of IT-related products and services. He heads up the great team at Fix-PC. But the great thing about David and his team is that they speak your language. They may be IT professionals, but they don’t speak jargon. They have a particularly deep working knowledge of Microsoft software from various flavours of desktop operating systems through to server operating systems, which means there are few problems they can’t solve.

The Fix-PC team has a whole host of professional qualifications and accolades, including MCP, MCDST, MSCA, MSCE, Comptia A+, Comptia Network+ as well as MSBS (Microsoft Small Business Specialist) accreditation for Fix-PC (I.T. Support Services) Ltd, Microsoft Silver Partners – so there’s no doubting their technical ability. But it’s their vision and customer service that truly sets them apart – and that’s what will help set your business apart too.

If you want outsourced IT support team that feels like a home-grown, in-house solution, Fix-PC is for you.